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I think i’ll just randomly start tumblring again…

Despite working on 4 hours sleep, I am going to go to Craig’s house to hang and perhaps swim in his pool, whether I voluntarily get in or get thrown in by one of the boys.

Lets hope this coming week is better than the last :) and that I don’t get 5 days in a row stuck at work doing the same shift!

My aim for this Friday…

Since I have the day off from work, I will be doing a number of important things. Most of which will be aimed at fixing something I found out tonight. 

The list, in no particular order:

1. Break some guys arm. (Maybe both arms, or two different guys’s arms)

2. Take a long drive.

3. Bust someone out of high school for a very long talk.

4. Therapy time.

5. Bonding time.

It will be a very emotional journey, for the both of us, but it will work out in the end just simply because of the relationship. And no, this isn’t a sexual relationship you sick people. Just someone who needs help. Lots of it.

And maybe after all this hard work, things would actually go right for once in this dimly lit world of hers.

Excellent. Just fucked up my back taking photos for my damn assessment. And I have work soon. 

In other news, worked 42 hours last week. Golly gosh.

Father: Staying home tonight?

Me: Yeah.

Father: Holy crap, let me get the camera!

Me: Yeah I’m way too hung over to go out tonight.

What have I become!


Recycling old light bulbs


Recycling old light bulbs

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Can they just hurry up and release the new season already?

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To say the least, this week has been quite a normal week except for one “interruption”.

An “interruption” that may have changed my perspective on life, making me realise how every thing in your life could get ruined by something completely out of your control. And how completely lucky I am.

You could look at it from two perspectives:

1. Maybe I was at the wrong place at the wrong time or,

2. I was in the exact position that enabled me to walk away completely unscathed…(minus a few painful spots)

You start thinking ‘What if’s’ for each of those perspectives,

1. What if I hadn’t stopped at the ATM, I would of missed the entire accident. 

2. What if I had started breaking 2 seconds earlier and had been a metre behind where I was, I would not be here today. 

Pretty scary looking at the second point.

Pretty ironic that my first car accident whilst driving wasn’t even my fault, just an innocent car witnessing a car crash, and then getting dragged into it when one driver doesn’t use their breaks to stop.